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A few weeks ago I was contacted by the lovely Laura Smith, one of the creative minds behind the app “Pout”, which just launched on the Canadian App Store today. I had the honour of giving the app a test-run, which had me super psyched!

I love looking for outfit inspiration on Instagram. When I’m in need of a quick fix, I’ll scroll through hashtags, and try to remember the names of users I’ve found utterly inspiring. Needless to say, the process is tedious. I have tried apps that were specific to ootd’s and the lot, such as Pose, but all have been complicated to use, and downright boring.

You can imagine that I was a bit nervous before trying out Pout, what with all the experiences I’ve had with fashion apps. I was extremely impressed with this app. It’s fresh, fun, easy on the eyes, and functions JUST like Instagram, so there’s no sneaky features to know about. You can search a look or a style that you’re going for, and you’re guaranteed to find ideas from Other Pout users. There are no “life” posts, which you’d find on Instagram. This is purely geared towards fashion and beauty. And for my beauty gurus out there, you can make videos of makeup tutorials and link videos from YouTube!

Another lovely feature that Pout has to offer is that when you are getting your account started, there’s no need to have a sullen-looking profile with no pictures. You can import pictures directly from Instagram, saving you time.

Thank you so much to Laura and Riley for giving me this wonderful opportunity. You guys have developed something so fun and useful. I am definitely in love with this app, and a “Pouter” for sure!

Oh, and don’t forget to give me a follow! @sashamei
For more information on this new app, check out their website: (You may even spot me on the site!)

xx, Sasha


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