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PFW 2014

Now that Paris Fashion Week 2014 has wrapped up, I cannot help but feel a little bit lost, now that I don’t constantly have new shows that I should be keeping up with as I frantically check every fifteen minutes or so. It is now when I can take a deep breath and actually process the pictures and videos of everything I’ve just seen.

To celebrate the end of the mayhem of one of the most stressful times of the year for designers, bloggers, photographers, and models alike in the fashion world, I’ve made a little something to highlight my favourite collections from Paris Fashion Week.

Let’s agree on this right away: Raf Simons has outdone himself once again. I had already been blown away with Dior’s Fall 2014 couture show (which fueled a newfound orchid obsession), and the Resort 2015 collection (which Alexa Chung wore very nicely). There’s something timeless about the graceful, yet sophisticated elegance and femininity that makes Dior so iconic, and this collection has surely fulfilled that statement. From sleek pantsuits to work suits (and fancy bomber jackets and midi skirts somewhere in between), Dior remains at the top of my “favourite desginers” list.

Chloe’s Spring 2015 clothes thoroughly impressed me as well. I love a good casually-fabulous look, and this bohemian twist on pieces like playsuits and trench coat-style pieces gave this collection charm. I also loved the use of denim. Better than a good pair of jeans.

It’s known fact that Karl Lagerfeld (I commonly refer to him simply as the legend) never fails to disappoint. My absolute favourite piece was Lindsey Wixon’s coordinates, although Cara rocked the PJ-looking-suit as well. It makes me want to go places in my most comfortable of pyjamas, and I mean that in the best possible way.

The only thing that I could think of when looking at pictures of Giambattista Valli’s Spring collection was “think pink!”, which lead me to think of Kay Thompson as Maggie Prescott in one of my all-time favourite movies, Funny Face, when she declares pink as the new it-colour. For me, pink is the it-colour whenever and wherever, and I’m a self-confessed pink-lover, which is why this collection made me so happy. I also really need that coat, and would most likely even wear it on a hot day in the middle of August. Actually, I’d wear any Giambattista Valli in any weather.

Coperni Femme is an up-and-coming French designer that I thought deserved recognition for its beautiful pieces for Spring 2015. It’s a new dream of mine to own one of these pieces. I have a thing for minimal, pure fashion, and this new designer catches my eye because of that.

Lastly, we have Iro. Iro is, hands-down, the most wearable collection I have seen in all of PFW 2014. I genuinely wish that my wardrobe consisted of all of these clothes (including a way to make my hair like the model’s…honestly). It’s so fierce, I would feel like a queen.

Obviously there are other amazing shows that I have not included in this post, mostly because I could not narrow down their collections into several favourite pieces (Celine, Kenzo, Acne Studios anyone?). Also, I’m now counting down the days until Marie Claire’s Runway mag for Spring 2015 comes out…that thing is my bible.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed xx
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